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Miguel Gomes, Co-Founder & Blockchain Engineer of Tokenwised

Unlocking the future of Web3 gaming with Tokenwised: rewarding players, developers and liquidity providers.

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[FH]: Can you describe the primary mission of Tokenwised and the problem it’s addressing with blockchain software technology?

[MG]: Tokenwised is a startup focused in web3 gaming. Our main project, GG DApp – is a web3 gaming launchpad and DeFi ecosystem. Its primary mission is to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that rewards all participants, including players, developers, and liquidity providers. Liquidity providers are incentivized to participate in the GG DApp ecosystem through staking rewards. By staking GGTK, the platform native token, liquidity providers can earn rewards in other gaming tokens, being exposed to web3 gaming projects at an early stage. Developers can integrate their games into the platform and choose how to share proceeds with the GG DApp community. This gaming projects get rewarded with GGTK, having an extra source of revenue and access to an existing gaming community. Finally, players can earn (tokens and NFTs) while having fun playing.

[FH]: How has your professional journey shaped your vision for Tokenwised?

[MG]: As a computer engineer and a passionate gamer, my journey into blockchain development began in 2018 when I joined a blockchain startup in Berlin. The emergence of NFT games around that time caught my attention, and I quickly became fascinated with the potential mix between blockchain and gaming. My vision for Tokenwised was shaped by this fascination. The idea of giving gamers true ownership of their in-game assets through NFTs was exciting, and made me believe that gaming could be a gateway to blockchain mass adoption. Working in a startup environment taught me the importance of innovation and collaboration, and I’ve carried those principles into Tokenwised. My global perspective, gained from working outside Portugal, has also influenced our aim to build a worldwide community.

[FH]: What significant challenges have you encountered while developing Tokenwised and how were they tackled?

[MG]: The most significant challenge we’ve faced has been the lack of resources. In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, there are countless opportunities to explore and a tremendous amount of work to be done. Being a small team, we’ve often found ourselves stretched thin. To tackle this we focused on prioritizing our efforts, concentrating on the most impactful areas, and being mindful of our capacity. Collaboration and partnerships have been vital as well, allowing us to tap into external expertise and support. We’re also leveraging AI to help us manage the workload and to keep us agile as we grow. Finally, we’re planning to raise funds soon to enable us to grow faster.

[FH]: How does Tokenwised differentiate its blockchain solutions in the context of decentralized applications and games?

[MG]: Regarding our main project, GG DApp, what differentiate us is our aim to create a success-sharing ecosystem. GG DApp incentivizes gaming projects to share part of their success with the community. This includes not only players but also liquidity providers. Another aim we have is making our web3 products user-friendly, even for non-crypto users, making them accessible to a broader audience.

[FH]: Can you describe how Fintech House has influenced the trajectory of Tokenwised?

[MG]: We joined Fintech House recently and, beside the really cool working space you have, we believe networking and shared knowledge of the members can help us a lot. For example, recently we participated in a event with investors where funding opportunities for startups were discussed. The information shared and the contacts we got might be crucial in the coming months for Tokenwised.

[FH]: What do you perceive as emerging trends in blockchain technology, especially related to gaming, and how is Tokenwised preparing for these?

[MG]: Cross-chain interoperability, decentralized finance in gaming, and a focus on accessibility and user experience are shaping the industry. We’re actively exploring these areas to enhance our projects flexibility and user-friendliness. Another trend we observe is the play-and-earn model. The play-to-earn model shifted the focus away from the joy of gaming itself. Now we see more projects focusing on the gaming experience and adding the earning part as a bonus. In our projects we’re also adopting this new approach.

inroads into other domains. It’s evolving to encompass functionalities that offer us a glimpse of what the future holds.

[FH]: As we witness the expansion of blockchain’s applications beyond cryptocurrency, into decentralized applications and games, how does Tokenwised plan to leverage these emerging opportunities, and could you share a vision or initiative that particularly excites you about the future of the company?

[MG]: We believe that blockchain games can play a fundamental role in the transition from web2 to web3 and see this as a great opportunity. Our focus on bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized gaming, especially for indie game developers, is a key part of our strategy and something that excites me a lot about the future of Tokenwised.

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