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The must go hub for


in Europe.

Fintech House has already become the home of some of the top startups in the world.

A one-stop shop for fintech.

10 floors and 2400 square meters of coworking born from a dynamic collaboration between Portugal Fintech and SITIO to foster innovation by connecting startups to capital, talent, industry leaders, and much more.

What’s new

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a hub of information and resources that can be accessed to gain fresh fintech insights.

Check ouR Knowledge Center

Our Main Partners

Our main partners represent the best of class in providing a strong support system to our community, by working closely to the startups through an open and clear dialogue. With top companies like BPI, Fidelidade, INCM, KPMG, Morais Leitão and VISA, fintechs have all the support needed in 6 main verticals: banking, insurance, identity, consultancy, legal and payments

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