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Hugo Venâncio, Reatia

Democratizing access to big data, balancing investment rounds with product development and much more with Hugo Venâncio, Founder and CEO of REATIA

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[FH]: What is the problem you are addressing at REATIA and how do you solve it?

[HV]:During more than 10 years, while working with real estate professionals, we noticed the great lack of data quality, its low updating and lack of standardization. In addition, only large companies with large investments had access to relevant market data. REATIA came to democratize access to big data in Real Estate, giving any real estate professional the possibility of accessing up-to-date data, in order to generate more and better deals. Using Artificial Intelligence, REATIA has the most transparent and complete real estate database in the world. We use proprietary technology to index, normalize and deduplicate all real estate information online, thus creating a clean, deduplicated database. Advantage for our customer? Speed ​​in consulting the market, ease of knowing the market and its movements and speeding up business.

[FH]: Last year Reatia closed a 1 million dollar investment round. How did you balance the preparation of the investment round with the project development?

[HV]: The two situations are intertwined. Metrics are critical to the success of a round, but also the ability to make it happen. At Reatia we have always had this balance. The execution of the project was never called into question by the round. In this case, the greatest balance had to be on my part, as I followed the project, the clients and the tour. Fortunately I have a fantastic team that made it easier for me to focus on closing the round.

[FH]: What is your company culture like, and how does it influence your success?

[HV]: The culture of our REATIA teams is very unique. We know that we are creating something unique in our market, and therefore, naturally, the culture that exists in the company is one of overcoming, creativity and perseverance. Within REATIA, there is always transparency, a culture of equality, opportunity for one’s merits and, above all, recognition.
[FH]: How do you see the emergence of more proptech startups in recent years and what are the challenges that still need to be addressed?

[HV]: In recent years we have seen a greater boom in new proptechs. It is a sign that there is still much to be done in this market, and that there is still much to be done. Real estate needed this growth! What we need now is time, because we have already noticed that real estate professionals are welcoming these new technological solutions with open arms.

[FH]: Where do you see Reatia in 3-4 years?

[HV]: In 3-4 years REATIA will be present in most European markets. We will be an important player in Europe, for all companies and professionals who need data. We are aware of our value offer, and we are pleased to see how the market is welcoming our solution. We are working to be a leader and a reference among European proptechs.

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