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What problem are we solving? helps large companies automate their internal communications and Customer Service interactions through AI-powered chatbots and email bots.

Our value proposition

Our solutions can be implemented in Banks, Insurance Companies, and other large companies and can be integrated into different channels, like chat, email, and voice. We operate as an enterprise software provider through direct sales and implementation to our end clients and a network of partner companies that complement our offer, whether with other software solutions or in terms of implementation service. With solutions, companies can automate up to 80% of their interactions and increase lead conversion by 10%. Also, our AI platform is cloud-based and low-code, which allows our clients easy and autonomous handling. This way, they can personalize and modify their bots whenever they want.




Gianluca Pereyra, Gonçalo Consiglieri, Bruno Matias

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Lisbon, Portugal

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