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What problem are we solving?

Unlockit is a proptech & reghtech company which is disrupting the market by digitising the whole process of buying, selling or renting a property, turning it seamless, transparent, collaborative and secure for those involved whilst ensuring its fully compliance with the latest EU regulations (eIDAS, AML6 & GDPR). Unlockit believes in a Europe where barriers to fair real estate transactions, investments and ownership do not exist.

Our value proposition

Our Digital Transaction Management Solution built on top of a distributed ledger has the potential to greatly reduce the burden in real estate transactions. From a social perspective our solution can build trust, save time and money to all parties, increase sustainability, reduce the risks of fraud and scams, promote full transparency, streamline cross-border transactions and fairer taxation and commissions in real estate transactions. From the public administration perspective, our DLT solution can streamline the process of collecting taxes related to real estate transactions, as well as managing them in analytical terms.


Benefits Administration Software, Financial Services




Tiago Dias

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Pre Seed

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