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What problem are we solving?

Thinkpay is a Paytech Startup company based in Portugal that offers a cutting-edge Payments Orchestration Platform for digital payments and collections. With Thinkpay, businesses can easily set up, manage, and analyse their payments and collections according to their specific needs and features. Thinkpay also helps businesses to automate and streamline their internal payment processes, saving them time and money. Thinkpay’s platform offers multiple integrations from various payment providers and acquirers, enabling businesses to choose the best option for each transaction. Thinkpay also provides features such as routing and cascading, fraud prevention and detection, tokenisation, and compliance with security standards and regulations. These features allow businesses to scale to new markets, improve user experience, reduce transaction fees, consolidate data management and analytics, and ensure security standards compliance. Thinkpay is the ultimate solution for businesses that want to simplify and optimize their digital payments and collections. Thinkpay was founded in September 2021 and has been delivering innovative payment solutions ever since.

Our value proposition

Thinkpay’s key differentiators compared to other players are: . offers a cutting-edge platform that is constantly updated with the latest technologies, regulations, and features needed by each business . his Team is a very specialized in Payments, helping businesses to achieve the best solutions; . provides a customizable and flexible solution that can adapt to the specific needs and features of each business, regardless of their size, industry, or payment volume. . is a Portuguese company, giving it an advantage in understanding and serving the local market better than global competitors; . has a simple and transparent pricing model that does not charge any hidden fees or commissions, allowing businesses to save on transaction costs and optimize their payment performance.


Benefits Administration Software, Financial Services




Paulo Vila Luz, Pedro Nuno Lopes

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Lisbon, Portugal

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