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We are a startup focused on helping fast-growing startups to recruit the best business talents for their teams. For the past 8 years, we’ve been accompanying more than 1000 startups & scaleups to recruit top-notch talents in France, Portugal & Spain.
We constantly have +150 gold nugget profiles ready to embrace a new challenge in startups. (Marketing, HR, Ops, Sales) All have passed the very selective process to get into the Ignition program (10% of 2000 monthly applicants)
We have a sharp knowledge of the challenges startups have in scaling their teams & business. From recruiting to onboarding & retaining, we also give tailored training to help Startups structure their teams & managers to grow as managers
Business model:
We work on success = until you end up recruiting thanks to Ignition, there is nothing to lose and there is no exclusivity
Commission 18% on the gross annual salary (and 9% on the variable, if there is a commission map already fixed)
3 months warranty

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