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Ana Teixeira, Mudey

Ana Teixeira, Mudey

[FH]: What is the problem you are addressing at Mudey and how do you solve it?

[AT]: Let´s face it, old fashioned insurance market. Everyone can relate to a time-consuming, bureaucratic, full of insurance jargon and sometimes even manual process of buying insurance. After our own experiences we decided to create a technological alternative to simplify this process and thus MUDEY was born. MUDEY is an insurtech startup that provides an intelligent platform to buy and manage insurance. In our intuitive platform, paperwork is replaced by smart bots and automation resulting in a consumer-friendly experience. In a single place, a wide range of insurance products from several brands can be found in real time. Insurance price and product details can be compared and readily purchased online. MUDEY also provides a Wallet that allows users to view and manage their insurance portfolio. Insurance products purchased at traditional brokers or directly with insurance companies can be uploaded and managed within the Wallet, bringing all insurances to a single vault for easy management as well as policies and documentation safekeeping. Another unique feature of MUDEY platform is an intelligent self-diagnosis tool. Our customers can understand their individual insurance needs and be directed to best offers in the market. MUDEY also provides a renewal alert when insurance policies are due for renewal to help our customers keep track of their portfolio and needs.

[FH]: How does Mudey address insurance as an experience?

[AT]: MUDEY has a customer-oriented philosophy; our aim is to help customers understand their insurance needs and to find the right product, at their own time, at a fair price. At MUDEY, consumers can choose an insurance that best fits their needs, and product details are readily available in an accessible language (jargon-free). By simplifying the insurance buying process, our platform empowers our customers to choose their insurance based on their individual needs, rather than purchase a product that is inadequate or unnecessary to their wishes or requirements.

[FH]: What differentiates Mudey from other competitors?

[AT]: MUDEY is the first digital platform of its kind in Portugal. Combining years of expertise, technology, and an innovative approach to the insurance market, we have removed the barriers for our users to understand and purchase insurance and manage their policies. Our 5-star customer rated support service shows that digital and personalized attention go hand-in-hand.

[FH]: As a female founder in a male dominant industry, do you feel you need to act differently than your fellow male founders?

[AT]: I see myself as a founder, rather than a female founder. During my professional life, I had the privilege to have worked alongside extraordinary people to whom I am grateful. I learned greatly both from my male and female colleagues and I use this gained experience every day. Just like MUDEY is a new kid on the block, having a female founder is a breath of fresh air.

[FH]: What advice would you give for a female founder entering this industry?

[AT]: My sort of advice to every newbie in this industry would be to focus on their individual strengths and improve their weaknesses, showing that they are the right person for the job in hand. Most importantly, always keep both eyes on the ball.

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